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    Tactics from around the world

    is this for FM21? not sure whats going on... as i remember it was made for FM20...
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    Vujevic tactics with 3 man at back!

    Congrats Zlatko! when you scored last penalty i was screeming with you! :D felt your emotion! one of the best episodes! take short break from FM ant take new even harder challenge!
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    Vujevic tactics with 3 man at back!

    If tactic not workinging in FM its probably just one reason: you have wrong players with wrong atributes or your expectations is crossing with reality... if you look in to Vujevic Youtube videos so can see that he rebuild Huesca tottaly - he brings in his own players... and he always talks what...
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    Vujevic tactics with 3 man at back!

    haha what a transfers amateur! :) zlatko, keep focus! i thought you wanna teach something these kids :) but look 2 terrible transfers at january :) maybe some russian mule will fix your manager skills? :) common! will follow! oh and p.s. can you play your games little bit slower? very difficult...
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    Vujevic tactics with 3 man at back!

    Southampton or Villa... sheffield is already prepared team... too easy :)
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    Vujevic Pro Tactics with 3 man at back!

    well guys, zlatko gave me an opportunity to test his tactic early :) he gave just away tactic so i had to make some adjustments... i used 3 striker tactic with easy opponents and used 2 striker tactic with tough ones. (moved striker to 3rd CM/defend position).No transfers whole season! and just...
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    Vujevic Pro Tactics with 3 man at back!

    every year beta is easyier :) thats gonna change when full game will be realised ;)
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    Chelsea Fc - Lets play! full story!

    Hello guys! started new youtube channel! I quit my main job, so i can guaranty that its gonna be intresting episodes daily and i will not disapear after few weeks :) so let the journey begin! P.s. AFTER 7 episodes i found out that i had some sily problems with my microphone, sorry about that...
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    KILLER BEE 4-3-3 with wingers (most effective attack)

    GUYS MY BAD... THIS IS NOT WORKING WITH SMALLER TEAMS... been trying to tweak and test it with leicester and no succes at all... but its fantastic with BIG GUNS :) lots of scoring and fun... amazing attacking play... Yes i made a test with MAN CITY which is big team, but it shuuld work with...
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    Help! to create a CUP!

    Guys, can some one help me or can create by your self a CUP??? ive tried my self but struggled alot... There is a project IN REAL LIFE which could be a reality from 17/18 season: The rules! It should be a International cup between 16 teams from Baltic states (16 teams in 4 groups, 4 teams...
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    Real Time Data Update!

    hello guys, i want to share a real time data update.Its the thing what i am doing for last 5 years or more... so what is Real Time data update? *I made most of summer transfers in editor but its gonna happen in real time. All the players will come at 2017.06.30 or later after update.So your...
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    Killer Bee 41231!

    Intro! hello guys! i am lithuanian guy (so sorry for my writing mistakes) who plays FM since it was CM :) but to be honest i never used my own tactic! We have some great tacticians there so what ive always done is just find one download and start the journey! But this year first time in my FM...