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    Amir KHAN

    Amir Khan wins in round 5. Barerra stopped after nasty cut on his head after clash of heads in the 1st round. Doctor stops fight!! KHAN WINS!!!!
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    Willster 442 Narrow Diamond Tactic.

    This is my first tactic on here for quite a while. I decided to wait until the 9.3 patch was out before sorting out a tactic set. I have attached my new tactic which has helped me to Quadruple Glory with Arsenal. I use the Attack formation home and away, and only use the defensive tactic when...
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    Diego Maradona (The Brazilian)

    Made me laugh, scout says he's *****!! Although he is dubbed the new KAKA. LOLoO)
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    Anyone need a quality young RB??

    If so then here he is.:D:D You want my advice buy him in the 1st season, he's much better than Santon etc.
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    Top Ex-players now Managers!

    Just looking around ath the Job section I noticed a few high profile ex players who have made it to the big time of club management, here's a few of mine. Add yours with screenies please!!
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    Best Rating for a single player.

    Post your ratings here (SCREENSHOTS ONLY). I just got mine today after months of playing I've got my best ever rating. I give you Wayne Rooney 9.7
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    Willsters Musings of the day Thread!

    I ask you all!! Is the January Transfer Window in much need of being scrapped?? Just when teams are starting to get into a bit of form and playing well as a unit, BANG comes the transfer window and the big teams with plenty of money cherry pick the smaller teams best players!! Wigan being a...
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    The end of Chelski?

    After watching Chelsea capitulate against Man Utd, it has made me think, are we watching the demise of Chelski?? To me they have an ageing squad, a manager who seems to have lost the dressing room,players looking to leave (Drogba) and an owner who is looking to sell because he's had enough and...
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    Top Class Regens!!

    I'll start with this gem! Defender DC Check out his goals already! Guess the corner setup is working well.. Post your own WORLD CLASS regens.:P:P
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    Willsters Little DIAMOND 442!!

    442 Diamond Home & Away Tactic is HERE!! The home tactic is used obviously at Home against anyone. I used the Home tactic away at nearly every team except the big 4. The away tactic I used to defend a lead or against the Big 4 away from home. Try to mix it up a little guys when using the...
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    Awrite Guys!!

    Well, Hello fellas I haven't been around much lately what with Xmas and New Year, but I will be unleashing my new set of tactics upon the forum shortly. I will wait to finish my current season before posting. I see a few people asking for a diamond formation so I have sorted a home and away...
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    Willsters New Tactic Has Arrived......

    I have been working on a brand new tactic for a little while now, following on from the good tactic I made previously, I believe this is a better one. I have tweaked, messed it up, started again, and finally stumbled upon a winning formula. I will post the tactic when I have completed 1/2 the...
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    Champions League Draw Made.

    Well, some fantastic looking ties in this!! Willster
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    Willsters New Tactic (Great Results)

    I am currently Arsenal and have made my own tactic for them and I can score plenty of goals, I do concede a few also but invariably I do win 95% of my games. I have posted a few screenies for anyone who wants a new tactic and may be struggling to get your strikers to score. Test it out and let...
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    4132 Attacking Formation

    Here is my tactic extensively tested and used with various teams to great effect. Please feel free to try and leave any feedback. [/IMG] [/IMG] Attached Formation File for Download