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    Celso - Following the Football Dream

    Meet Celso! My name is Hugo Valerio Serafim Abreu...but you can call me Celso. I just signed on for Brazilian club Madureira, in my hometown of Rio de Janeiro. I hope to be able to bring success to this club and further my career. My dream is to one day be known as one of the best defenders in...
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    Ruben Rodrigues - Indian Wonderkid?

    Having been inspired by Lippo's story, C.J. Lippo, A life in football., I decided to start one of my own. Giving my player a CA of 75 and a PA of -8, with his manager preference set at 20, and all attributes randomised, I hope my player has a successful career! I will also be following his...
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    Rise of the Forwards - BaP Story and Discussion

    Rise of the Forwards Right. It's finally time to get to this. After I hit a few roadblocks along the way, I was able to come to a compromise and get this started. Here's hoping the players have great careers! :D Points System Base Points (Non-competitive club matches do not count towards the...
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    Rise of the Forwards (BaP)

    Rise of the Forwards Hey guys. After spending the last year or so working hard (not really :P) in college, I've finally been able to get back into the world of Football Manager. However, I'm not really enjoying FM15 as much as I did the previous years' versions, so I thought I'd do a Be a...
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    Taking on the Ultimate Champions League Challenge

    What is the challenge? The challenge, essentially, is to win the UEFA Champions league at least once with all 22 clubs that have won it before. This challenge was pretty popular over the last 2 editions of the game, although I have yet to see a thread this year. This challenge offers players...
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    Pass the Parcel - Pentagon Challenge

    I want to start a Pass the Parcel game a bit different from the others. A journeyman save would be a challenge because of the fact that the people playing would have to take a unanimous decision on the manager's career - whether he takes a top job, or starts from the bottom again or takes over...
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    Be A Player - Rise from Obscurity

    Be a Pro All right - time to start one of these. My friend's copy of FM is giving me no problems, so I've decided to start a BAP, just like everyone else. This is not going to be like your average BAP - here's the twist. Your player cannot be from any one of the nations occupying the top 50...
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    Taking Over The World - The Hexagon Challenge

    An Introduction *I had 2 stories on here for FM14 - unfortunately the saves kept crashing, so I gave up and began playing a friend's copy....it's been going well so far, which is why I've decided to start this challenge. The Hexagon Challenge The aim of this save is simple - to win the six...
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    A Tale of Two Brothers

    Welcome!! I've decided to start a new player story, not about one, but about two players. These two players are brothers (as you might have guessed from the title), but they're also twins, playing in completely opposite positions. The reason I put them in opposite positions is because I don't...
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    Football Through the Seasons

    An Introduction to my Idea I haven't been able to get into any game on FM for the past month or so, and don't look to be doing so anytime soon. My idea is that each season, I will pick a team (preferably a team in the top divisions) and do a detailed analysis of that team throughout the season...
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    The Ultimate Champions League Challenge - by wr1097

    THE ULTIMATE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE CHALLENGE Basically, the aim of this challenge is to win the Champions League with all 22 past winners. Full rules for this challenge can be found here. I started this challenge 3 days ago, and I've already powered through a full season, so the initial updates...
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    Duncan Wallace - Football Manager

    A SHORT INTRODUCTION Hey guys, this will be my final FM13 save (hopefully) and to motivate me to continue this, I wanted to start this off as a story. So enjoy!! Edit: I had initially planned to do a sunday league rep journeyman, but I recently got my saves from my old laptop after it got...
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    The Flying "Dutchmann" - A Journeyman Story

    Duncan Wallace - Football Manager A SHORT INTRODUCTION Hey guys, this will be my final FM13 save (hopefully) and to motivate me to continue this, I wanted to start this off as a story. So enjoy!! Edit: I know this was initially supposed to be a sunday league rep journeyman, but I recently...
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    wr1097's BAP

    There are too many BAP's on here, so of course, I've decided to create one of my own. I will be taking around 10-15 entries, or all entries till I've decided to start this game. Please feel free to sign up for this using the foll. template: Name : D.O.B (date/month, all players aged 15) ...
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    The Pentagon Challenge: wr1097

    An Introduction Welcome to my attempt at the Pentagon Challenge. I've taken on this challenge because I haven't seen one on the forums for a long time. Most of my saves, including the ones which I've started stories with on this forum have crashed, so I will be dedicated to this save as long as...