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    Sunderland striker Darren Bent makes transfer request

    Sunderland striker Darren Bent, who has been linked to Aston Villa, has handed in a transfer request, according to news agency the Press Association After £18 million bid from Aston Villa, tbh why the ****! would he want to go to Aston Villa? :/ anyone else agree?
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    Liverpool are no longer a big club!

    Couldn't find a thread on this. So yeah has anyone else heard this Lawrie Sanchez is talking out of his ****! so I suppose Blackburn are a bigger club then Liverpool cause they have one the premier league?? **** Off Sanchez...
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    Inter Milan Sack Rafael Benitez!

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    Does anyone know if anyone is going to make adboards for fm 11? as fm 10adboards do not work.
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    Does anybody know if there is going to be a soundpack for this years FM?
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    Lost Tactic

    Ok so I have lost a tactic which I used for my Harchester team completely dominated the league and europe and with this tactic I scored 126 goals in the league the tactic was called "Shexy Football" or something like that I forgot who made it and I cant find it anywhere :(
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    Npower Adboards

    Is it possibly for someone to create Npower Football League Adboards to replace the Coca-Cola Championship ones? much appreciated to whoever can do this.
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    JB's Update file 2010/11

    General Updated the following from 10.3.0 Updated Transfers Updated Player Contracts Updated Released Players Updated Manager Changes Updated Staff Changes Updated Manager Contracts Updated Staff Contracts Updated Board Changes Updated Promotions & Releagations From All European Leagues Cork...
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    Yes anothe Harchester Question

    Right im in like year 2017 with Harchester United in the premiership no cheats or that basically i was wondering if anyone can create a logo for me please the unique ID is 1394631354 and the club was formed in 1885 and the nickname is The Dragons. Thanks alot in advance to anyone who can do this.