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Recent content by Zaffarano

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    Sports Science and Data Analyst

    So I see they have added 4 new jobs, that are available: Head of Sports Science, Sports Scientist, Chief Data Analyst and Data Analyst. 1. Do those staff members need any stats, because the game itself doesn't highlight anything? 2. How many should I have in the team, does it help to have more...
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    Tactic(s) for Queen's Park.

    I'm looking for a tactic(s) to use with Queen's Park, with whom I'm going to try to play myself as high as I can. Scottish Third Division, 1st season, LFCMarshalls database.
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    Happy New Year!

    As I couldn't find a similar thread then: Happy New Year all you FM nerds and gods, lets hope those Mayans won't troll us this year with their "end of the world muppetry" Cheers from Estonia!
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    Adam Hlousek

    Name: Adam Hlousek Club: Slavia Prague D.O.B: 20/12/1988 (21) Nationality: Czech Position: Attacking Midfielder (Left) Agent: Vaclav Moravec Strengths: Long Shots, Determination, Flair, Acceleration, Balance, Natural Fitness, Pace Weaknesses: Corners, Crossing, Heading, Creativity, Off The...
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    Football Manager 2011 11.1.0 Patch Available Now

    Change list: http://footballmanager.com/news/4648 Download link: http://www.footballmanager.com/index.php?p=patches
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    The Dream Begins - The Red Devils Story

    Sir Alex Ferguson retires! Shocking news as Sir Alex Ferguson has put an end to "The Ferguson Era" and has decided to retire as a manager of Manchester United. David Gill, chairman of Manchester United, told Sky Sports about the situation: "It's sad news for us, as Sir Alex was a...