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    Honest views sort on whether to buy

    Heya lads, didn't get on too well with 11 and I've not touched the Sony forums since they were hacked. Apologies to mods if I've missed a thread on the same subject as I've not searched too far back for a graveyard dig. Sooo.... Is this one worth getting or have they bolted on some more daft...
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    Aston Villa and the summer ahead

    Taking it here rather than derailing transfer thread. The point about some of the players you'll understandably want shifting on is that currently most of them are on fairly long term contracts with very favourable wages. Who will take Ireland on at 50-60k a week given his track record and pay...
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    This time it's true - superinjunction used by footballers!

    Two in the past week, which makes a total of four used by sports people this year (the previous two were Terry and Montgomorie). Should be another...
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    You cannot be Syrias (Liverpool ownership) Last time Kirdi was linked with buying the club was just before refinancing was needed. Some simple facts about Liverpool: This past financial year, we'll have been scalped for around £20m in interest payments...
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    Threading (ie performance option)

    Did a search and didn't find it covered anywhere. The game option which can be enabled 'threading'. Worth doing for a 6 core? FM certainly recognises 6 cores which surprised me. But any performance advantage to enabling threading or better to leave it off?
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    Benzema and Ribery detained by police With a packet of sweets and a cheeky smile..... <)
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    FIFA judges Hicks and Gillett to be 'offensive words'

    Couldn't make this up.... The banner BBC story The grounds given for removing and destroying the banner was that Fifa has rules on obscene and vulgar imagery and language on banners. Nadeem was also threatened with prosecution as a hooligan. Story with a bit more detail from Nadeem about...
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    Robbie Earle sacked as pundit

    Guardian So every ITV pundit has 35-40 tickets for 'family members and friends' for each match? The pundits must have paid a fortune to get them all out to South Africa... <) More seriously, it's a bit of a disgrace that so many 'hospitality' tickets are taken out of the game. It's as bad as...
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    Prank call to Millwall fan by South African radio

    Had me in stitches...(swearing's bleeped out). YouTube- Football hooligan wind up call
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    Pitch Invasions are for everyone

    About 35 seconds in...! Made me chuckle anyways.
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    Zola Sacked

    Just announced:
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    Resources for understanding Real World Tactics

    Just going to put down some good resources for understanding football tactics. As FM moves towards 'simulation', understanding what works and when becomes an increasing advantage. ;) Please add your recommendations if you've got some. Websites: Zonal Marking - nice little website which tries...
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    Zebedee - From Unemployment to Boredom!

    Let's see if I can keep this one up for a bit longer than I managed to with 09. It takes so long to process it should do. XD I'd welcome any posts - but I'd really, really appreciate it if you didn't mention any players I should/could buy. I don't look at the editor to find out CA/PA for a...
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    Sheikh buys 60% of unnamed PL club

    Surprised this hasn't been put on by the BBC but anyways... basically UAE's official news agency is reporting one of their Sheikhs has bought 60% of a 'leading' Premier League club and will be the 'honorary chairman'. The club will be named in a few days. Current betting is that it's...