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    Gabriel Barbosa

    Okay, in FM15 I signed this guy a few times, gave him the best tutoring **** possible and he never turned out good. Anyway to see who the best wonderkids are I simulated until 2019 (where typically I start seeing players like Youri Tielemans in FM15 become world class) and I can confirm that...
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    Board not allowing me to make any more staff changes..

    So I decided to call it a day after Roma with tremendous success.. (2 Champions league, 3 league titles.. 2 TIM cups) after three years. Barcelona approached me and I said I would need flexibility to make staff changes... blah blah I make some.. I'm under my coach limit but they won't allow me...
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    Dario Cvitanich

    Has anyone ever signed him? I've googled him and never had a single football manager result.. anyway, at the moment he's doing fantastic alongside Bony, I paid about ?3Million upfront for him and 2.5M spread over 12 months. His attributes are nothing amazing but he performs better than...