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Recent content by Zyphen

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    Played this tactic with 3 diferent teams (the MU test was the only one on holliday): a lower league, mid table and top team. No transfer with any team.
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    Zyphen uploaded 4-2-4 Leave feedback below.
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    4-2-4 with Sheffield United - 88 points 2020-08-23

    Hi to all. This is a 4-2-4 (my favorite type of tactic), that i only tried with Sheff Unit,. Played a full season with SU and finished the season with 88 points, and the best attack 97 goals, won the title and Carabao Cup, no transfers (only the loan players on SU). Your right winger should be...
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    4-2-4 with Sheffield United - 88 points

    Zyphen uploaded 4-2-4 with Sheffield United Leave feedback below.
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    Fury - Bournmouth PL 96 points

    Hi, is this what you want?
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    Fury - Bournmouth PL 96 points

    Thx for the feedback, it's very nice to see that it works for others. To help preventing some late conceded goals (75/85 min +) i change the team mentality to balance.
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    Fury - Bournmouth PL 96 points

    Zyphen uploaded Fury - Bournmouth PL 96 points Leave feedback below.
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    Fury - Bournmouth PL 96 points 2020-04-29

    Hi to all. This is a similar concept from one that i posted before but with better result. Played a full season with Bournmouth and got 96 points in PL with no transfers. Your right winger should be right foot and take left corners, and the opposite on the other side. Hope you also get good...
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    A Mixed Tactic

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    A Mixed Tactic 2020-04-05

    Hi to all. I've created this tactic mixing parts from different tactics and a bit off my on. I decided to post it because i had good results with it. Tested on vacations with Liverpool, and won everything, and played a full season with SLB and just lost the Portuguese cup, with no losses in...
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    A Mixed Tactic

    Zyphen uploaded A Mixed Tactic Leave feedback below.
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    Zyph 4-1-3-2

    Zyphen uploaded Zyph 4-1-3-2 Leave feedback below.
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    Tested Zyph 4-1-3-2 2020-01-18

    Hi to all. I've tried this tactic on holiday, a full season with Man.City. I know that Man.City have realy good players and i even brought more, but i think the results are pretty good, so i decided to share it. For this tactic i recomend that: - Winger R - rigth foot - Winger L - left foot - AF...