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I only came into FM about 4 months ago, but I've gotten hooked on the idea of reinventing soccer and have poured hours into refining this tactic. It started out horrible and unoptimized but after hours of Zealand videos and research into mechanics I think I have perfected the 1-4-5 Gegentaka.

Named so because it started out as a Gegenpress and quickly developed to include aspects of Tiki-taka, the goal is simple; get the ball, get it up the field, and score as many goals as possible. It doesn't matter if your defense is weak, because your overwhelming offense will compensate. If you're over your head in a continental cup competition, you can easily pivot the MCs to defense and go cautious for a much more sturdy lineup, although you will struggle the most against teams with 2 good strikers.

-You should comfortably score the most goals in your league
-Don't be surprised if you also give up the most goals
-A good goalkeeper & D(C) are essential to the success of the tactic
-I prefer high Decision/Vision/Passing on my midfielders to get the most out of them for this tactic

And I've managed to achieve the following accomplishments:

-An early model with Celtic won 4 consecutive Cinch Premierships and 3 Scottish cups
-Said model managed to beat FC Bayern/PSG/Barcelona/Man City in Euros group stage(different years for each)
-Won the USSL-One Championship w/ Greenville(Mod added league)
-Managed to finish 14th of 27 with San Jose on the 4th lowest budget
-Currently 1st & Undefeated in the Superettan(Swedish League 2)
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