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1990-1991 Retro Regens Throwback Database

1990-1991 Retro Regens Throwback Database v0.1


This database transports you all the way back to 1990/91
to a world where an 18-year-old Zinedine Zidane is just starting his football career at AS Cannes and Liverpool are the holders of the English first division.

Turn back time and create your own history as some of the biggest names in world football come through as regens for 30 years and take your opportunity to turn your favourite team into a footballing giant.

The base for this mod comes from the superb work of the MadScientist, a database creator known for his superb work on retro databases throughout the last few years. His superb 1985/86 database has been edited to reflect the 1990/91 season. *
*English First Division clubs along with various European clubs.

Please Note: This mod was originally intended as an add on to other retro databases. This is the beta version of the Retro Regens mod so some data will not be accurate.

The beauty of this mod is that it will be compatible with many future retro databases, so the more accurate this mod is, the better retro databases in the future will be.

Season 1990-1991 Database – Playable leagues
Top leagues in
Italy and

Only England will reflect the 1990/91 season though.

Season 1990-1991 Database – Known Issues
  • Duplicate players
  • Players beginning their careers at the wrong club.
If you find any of these issues, send a tweet to @Warringtini and I’ll make sure it’s removed for future versions.
Season 1990-1991 Database – Installation Instructions
1. Move the downloaded file to your "games" folder:
Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021/games

2. Open Football Manager 2021 > Load Game > Select the Retro Regens Mod beta v0.1

3. Add your manager and select the club you want to manage.
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