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2-3-2-2-1 Wide 1.0

A 4-5-1 tactic which utilises wing-backs positioned further forward than a traditional full-back. Contains a half-back in defensive micdfield who drops back to make a back 3 with the 2 other centre-backs, making the team more solid defensively. This also allows the wing-backs to support higher up the pitch with the box-to-box and advanced-playmaker in the centre. Higher up we have an inverted winger on the right and inside-forward or raumdeuter on the left (depending on situations), attacking with an advanced forward.

The team play a short patient passing game to retain possession while working the ball into the box, playing out of defense and allowing the wing-backs to naturally overlap without players slowing the pace of the play to look for them.

The tactic is designed with a team like Wenger's Arsenal in mind.
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