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3-2-2-3 High pressure tactic 1.0

Tried a tactic with just 1 central defender and 2 wingbacks in defence. I had a save in France (League 1), and struggled to find affordable defenders that had everything I wanted to fit in my current tactic: at least good speed, good heading, good positioning and good composure. Because I had quite a lot of central midfielders, some on loan, some in my first team rotation, I began thinking about creating a tactic that included more stability in the midfield, and only 1 central defender. Most tactics include at least 2 CD, even 3 with almost every 3-4-3 tactic, so I started trying something out.

Plan was to have a fast defence with a high pressure line, so in case someone breaks through, defence can get back to them before they get a scoring opportunity. 2 defensive midfielders and 1 central defender to defend the middle, and 2 more offensive central midfielders to connect with my attacking players. Wingers are supporting the offence as well, and play high so in case of loosing the ball, they can put pressure as fast as possible. I tried normal wingers first, but inverted wingers seemed to work better in the tactic. My forward is a deep lying forword on attack, so he links the midfield to the attack, and both wingers play high enough to be a threath in offence as well. When we lose the ball, we put immediate pressure as high as we can, because we have gaps in the defense with just 1 central defender, and 2 wingbacks that play very wide to try to lessen the crosses.

Tactic worked very well with Stade Rennais in League 1, and I simulated it in the Premier League with Liverpool, because of the stronger opponents in the league, as well as the opportunity to try it out in the Champions League. Result: Champion in England, Uefa Super Cup won and final (lost) in the Champions League. Didn't set up set pieces or (individual) training in the simulation.

Tactic seems to work on different levels, let me know if it worked elsewhere, not sure if certain crucial positions like CD or DM require above average players. In my original save in France, I did change the mentality against much bigger opponents, but not the defensive line or the line of engagement (had a fast paced CD).
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