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Steam Workshop 3-2-3-2 Gordian Knot 21.1.1

So its a bit of a complex system to get your head around so i will try to explain the origin and then how we got to where we are at.
On my stream my friend and i were trying to make a 1-1-8 (8 attackers) work but we couldnt. So i started moving players into areas where we were being exposed and losing goals. That led to a more and more defensively sound tactic, but thats kinda boring so there are still the two strikers, there is lots of drive in the middle of the park from the AP and BBM as well as the regista, this with the wingbacks bombing forward has made for quite a fun tactic to play with.

I tried to make the system play the way i would like man city ro play in real life, with nice passing football but an emphasis on taking shots from good areas. In this tactic anything from within 20 yards goes, there will be lots of shots, there will be lots of misses. In my save I am currently averaging 5 goals per game after my latest round of tweaks, i know thats unsutainable but for now its great fun to watch.
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