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3-4-3 FireArms New Tactic (best tactic for FM??!!)

This tactic was created with the intention of defending and attacking well, something that in this game engine seems rare to happen, I also wanted a tactic that could beat the big European teams... and well my friends really went better than I expected.

this tactic has crosses, plays in the middle, plays on the wings, has flow between the players, the wings defend and attack. Pedro Porro is a beast, one of the best in his position W/DR, the wingers play like defensive wingers and they defend and attack like beasts!

Please try it and give me your feedback...im mighty be wrong, but i dont wanna be!!

Im in my 4 season i was recruted by Man City and i was in Benfica i won 5-4 against Liverpool in Champions League Final! What a ******* Game!
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