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3-4-3 strikerless enganche tactic 2023-11-07

custom instructions: wide centre backs: cross less often (honestly not as important as the rest, you can ignore it if you want)
shadow strikers: close down more
wing backs: close down more
enganche: more direct passing

The tactic is meant for stronger teams, scores lots of goals but in tougher games may concede some as well.
I was tweaking things throughout the copa america run with argentina so the only games relevant to the uploaded file are those you see in the screenshot. My approach wasn't exactly hands on, I simulated games then made minor changes to eventually come up with something pretty solid. It's definetly fun, utilizes an unusual role and scores some beautiful goals in the process. This the first fm game I play besides the mobile versions of 2021 and 2023 so I'm open to any suggestions\corrections.
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