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3-5-2-Mid Dominator by Vujevic Levante version

my ataccante tactic 3-4-3 http://www.mediafire.com/file/23i144bnhhw6l5t/Attaccante-3-4-3-by+Vujevic.fmf/file

for away give team instruction to be more disciplined

for away you can use my libero ofensive monster tactic
4-4-2-Balkan style by Vujevic

Similar to other classic tactics,simple and efficient also very good defensively for 4 man at back.
No OI instructions.

WINGER LEFT takes all set pieces.

DCR is main focus in set pieces need to be tall with high jumping reach.

two midfilders need to be strong all round players.

Regarding preferred foot for wingers I think everything works.

advanced forward is your main scorer.

For right striker role I preffer Complete forward but you can use advanced or even target man atack.

thsi tactic helped mi alot to win Premiership instantly with QPR

Set pieces are adjusted for my squad feel free to experimet with that.

I score a lot from trows and corners!

3-4-3 -SPECIFIC tactic by Vujevic.

my latest tactic what I am using with QPR,

tactic requires strong all round central midfielders in case you struggle with them use two deep lying playmekers instead of central midfielders.

sometimes against stronger teams in away game I also use two deep lying playmakers in mid.

mid central defender is your key jumper during set pieces,he will sore goals if he have good heading and high kumping reach.

central defenders need to be tall with good jumping reach atribute

left inside forward right foot

right inside forward left foot or either foot

advance forward also works if you struggle with complete forward role


set piece changes!
set piece changes!

set piece changes!

L -Volantes tactic

good all round tactic what requires correct players.

Tranqutista needs to mobile finisher with higher off the ball.

Suport striker need to have decent dribbling and work rate.

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LiberoOfensiveMonster tactic for stronger teams or teams with correct type of players.

strikers need to have high pace, acelaration,dribling finishing,off the ball....

advanced playmaker and and amc need to have good work rate and be good all round players.

latest version of home tactic!

New away version of tactic!

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