A 3-5-2 system I've used throughout the past two iterations of the game and with a few tweaks it has performed really well for all the teams I've managed. From an attacking standpoint the tactic seeks to create pressure down the flanks using a combination of wing backs and mezzalas. When playing down either side the mezzala and wing back on the opposite flank will often push into the box to create an overload causing nightmares for opposition defences. The two advanced forwards also offer a more direct route for attacks with a lot of defences struggling to deal with two players trying to get in behind the defensive line. Right now with this team I have no ball players in defence because none of them have the passing range to play role but normally I would have ball players on either side of the back 3. I don't use any additional player instructions right now as the players themselves are quite limited so I try not to overload them with things to do. 19 League games into the current season we have scored 43 goals and conceded just 6. As tends to be the case with this system the LWB is the true star of the show an so far in 14 appearances my starting LWB has 14 assists, 3 goals and a 7.81 average rating, leading the league.
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