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343 Strikerless 21.6

2 straight promotions with 1860 Munich followed by a strong start in the bundesliga with a wage budget over half less than the next worst team and predicted to finish last.
Scores a decent amount of goals and allows few chances, though we've regularly conceded far more goals than our xg allows (I think this is a player quality issue). Very good for underdogs.

Attributes required

CBs - good aerially as teams will often go long to bypass press. Decent speed for outside CBs as with no fullbacks they have lots of space to cover.
DLP - playmakers who are ideally tall and decent in the air to help against long balls
Wingers - Fast, good stamina and work rate, good dribbler. Able to get up and down wing to help cover defence and then run against defence.
AMs - Good speed, work rate and technicals. These are your main goal scorers and creators, Height is helpful if you want to play more direct.

You can adjust directness and tempo to suit your team. if you have a dominant team you can adjust to shorter passing, higher tempo and work ball into box to have greater possession. If you have larger, target men types you can up tempo and directness to suit your team
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