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352 pass through ball, Winning EPL first season with Newcastle

hi guys, I want to share my FM 22 tactics.. I want to play dominant and attacking soccer, low conceded, a lot of possession and high tempo passing.. after a while, i found the formation and from my point of view this is the tactic that will win you a trophy..

Win the first season with newcastle.. the second season even better..

First season results :

first season.png
Screenshot (18).png
Screenshot (19).png
Screenshot (20).png

Notes :
1. if u have 2 small strikers, the combination that worked for me is Trequarista-Poacher or F9-Poacher (Trequarista-Poacher is better).. change the corner situation, put your tallest guys in near post.. thanks to OP corner tactics, that is the best corner routine.. and change the crossing to low crosses
2. if u have 1 small 1 big, try F9-CF, Trequarista-CF or Poacher-CF.. TF is so overrated, i didn't find the best tactic for TF.. CF is better.. so far F9-CF is the best at creating chances for my small striker.. look at the individual instruction, and make sure they are move into channels..
3. if u want to go all out to pass in the middle, put your right footed midfielder at left, and vice versa
4. if u put your right footed on the right, and left-left mid, it will created a an effect like mezzala or half wing.. and they will cross the ball too..
5. if you dont care about conceded and want all out attack, put your WB to WM and you'll have five in midfield (this is will give u more possession but bad wide defenses) .. your WCB will be dumb enough that they won't defend the wide side.. you will conceded a lot from crossing to the far post
6. do not play AM.. the effect for through ball is not change 3 roles in midfield..
7. Your CM (Attack) is your key guys, different person create different effects.. for example if i play Olmo, he will not fill the hole in Opposition defense as often as Willock, but he will pass the ball more often to your strikers.. if I play Willock, he will get a lot of chances to score since his acceleration and pace is better but pass rarer to your striker.. Olmo still my fav bcause i want him to pass the ball to my strikers..
8. do not use OI.. OI will ruined this tactic..
9. Train your players to their positions..
10. put half intensity before green, and normal intensity when green.. the rest is no gym work or pitch..
11. pardon my english ;)

enjoy and leaves a feedback.. thankyou..
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