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3BOX3 21.5

Played around with a few changes after a poor run and have seen improved results. In my second season in ligue 1 and third season overall we were predicted to finish 8th and came 2nd scoring 107 goals as well as winning the Europa league.

Turn BPD-co to CD-co and removed mark opposition striker as was getting drawn out of space leading to 3rd man runs being in on goal. Also turned on hold position to ensure he doesnt wander while we have possession
Removed use offside trap.
Close less on HB so that they hold position more and don't follow ball so much. Also take less risks to reduce turnovers in in my own half.
Carrilero turn to mezzala as suited my players much more
Mixed crosses to whipped crosses
Work ball into box as was having many low quality shots.
Changed how keeper distributed out to improve build up. Use throw it long and distribute to fullbacks