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FMNation 4-1-2-1-2 freethinking and roaming Gegenpress

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I got inspired by my home town club, which was a bottom table team for the last few years but with a new coach and his 4-1-2-1-2 style Gegenpress with high positioned attacking wingbacks, we are currently trying to keep up with the top of the league.

Screenshot (15).png

If you are trying to use this tactic, it would definetly be nice to have some good mental attribute or creative players in the midfield, to use the space on the pitch.
Besides that you need some fast wingbacks who can also get the ball into the box.
The Mezzala is used to create some vertical passing triangles and the Ballwinning Midfielder is working really well in a Gegenpress system.

Edit: If you feel like the wingbacks are not as offensive as you want them to be, simply just put them one position up so they are on the same line with the Half Back and leave them as Complete Wingbacks on Attack.

Screenshot (22).png

Here is the league table of Bayern Munich after the first season:

Screenshot (18).png

And here is a general overview of all competitions:

Screenshot (20).png
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  1. Higher Wingbacks for more offensive power

    Higher Wingbacks for more offensive power