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4-1-2-1-2 Vertical Tiki Taka - Hogarth Ball

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My idea around this tactic was to create as many triangles on the pitch as possible. I want to be able to keep the ball extremely well, so that we can create many opportunities going forward, but also as reduce the amount of chances the opposition get.

I discovered this tactic whilst managing Monaco and have adapted it since then. I have just joined Man United, after managing Real Madrid. The main philosophies of the tactic have served me very well at Real Madrid as I won the league 11 times in a row and the UCL 5 times (Reaching 7 Finals). I went unbeaten for 3.5 years in the league. This tactic creates a lot of chances, but also has a very strong backline. Like with any tactic you have to recruit the right types of players to make the system work. For example, I play for set pieces and have become extremely dangerous if set pieces. I have a 6ft 6 ST and 2/3 6ft 2 players that are the main targers fro set pieces. This tactic requires a very high amount of technical skill that is required in passing, but also good physical and mental attributes so that the team can press very high up the pitch. The tactic has slightly evolved from my time at Real Madrid. I now have a shadow striker instead of a attacking midfielder on support, and I have also changed the CM from attack to support. I felt that the CAM was not being involved in the game enough so I wanted to push him higher up the pitch, whilst not overcrowding that area of the pitch with the CM on attack.

- I have a lot of individual instructions on my players. The main idea is to keep the passing simple and short (No risks on anyone other than the AM and Forwards), not dribbling with the ball as much, and not shooting as much. The idea is to be a very dominate possession side that doesn't turn the ball over a lot. I like to use tighter marking on all of my players as well, as i think it allows for a more effective press, but also a more effective defensive block.
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