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4-1-2-3 half space machine 20.4.2


The formation looks like this at the moment (I haven't put the right players in the right position since it's only midtable Serbian league and I presume no one recognizes them).

I started using this formation primarily to get the best out of my players:

Two very good incredibly well rounded central midfielders to be your two mezzalas.
A 17 year old right winger with incredible off the ball and great anticipation, crossing and concentration and good composure and finishing for a winger but not really good enough for a poacher but also a very low dribbling stat that hurt his ability as a winger, the Raumdeuter enabled him to be both minus the support on defense.
A striker with 16 jumping reach but 8 heading that I moved to inside forward.
A striker that is both good in the air and from through balls, I'm still not sure his best role but I've found Trequartista can be good to take advantage of the space you can make with the players behind.
I have a lot of good ball winners in the defensive midfield (that I swap between) that help shore up the central area a bit, because of that I defend wider to give more help to my very average wingbacks aswell as help my centerbacks who are not great in the air.
One of my defenders is a ball player because he's very very technically gifted, I wouldn't reccomend having a ball player unless he's really technically gifted.

So I must have won a ton of games right? No actually far from it my projected finish is 8th and I'm currently 7th and I've had some truly terrible runs of form where I was trying different tactics or fiddling around with a tactic similar to this.
But I think I've finally cracked it, one of the things we didn't even look remotely close to doing for all of the first two thirds of the season was getting a point against a good team, and we just beat the at the time league leaders Cuka Ricki in a really fantastic performance where we went toe to toe with them all game.

When it comes to set pieces, player instructions and training I think it really depends on who you are playing, and what your players need to work on, for my team our best set piece taker was a back up centre-back so I avoided set pieces


Might be a bit blurry but as you can see yes I did lose a game 7-1 and yes I really only used this iteration of the tactic against Spartak and Cuka Ricki but I was so pleased with how we played in those two games I think it's time to upload it.

If there's any small tweaks you did or even any massive changes to the formation (as you can see I started on Gegenpress and turned the tempo to normal haha) that made it work for you I'd love to hear them.
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