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4-2-0-3-1 Islam Double Volante- Scamacca 80+ goals

Hello guys,
Went back to the assembling job! I am doing many test and i don't know many seem really full of RNG but i didn't understand yet what's causing those factors but i've found "stable results" on this tactic.
I did the usually runs with City and West Ham, if anyone wanna run or want me to test with a specific team just ask!
About this tactic except Haaland is always the monster,Scamacca now seem to be really on roll. I did 3 runs with West Ham and he did scores on 2 of it more then 80+ goals and on one 50+(no clue why it dropped so hard on the 2nd and went back on the 3rd).
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justvtried it my god strikers scores bag fulls
wow didn't know people was still playing it! making an update ^^
The it's ok, and for me the striker struggledto score.
Can you show some screens? Just to collect datas!
So far so good, 8 straight wins right now.
Tried with Lazio on holiday without transfer, 6th Serie A, Semis Coppa, Europa League winner beat Arsenal. the attack is working very well, Immobile scoring 38 League goals in 24 match (Lazio was 4th) when i unpaused the holiday. Unfortunately, Classic FM happen (the tactic it just stopped working consistenly), in the end immobile scores 41 League goals in 36 match and Lazio barely score 1-3 goals each game (still got considerable amount of winning tho). Lazio scores 82 goals and conceded 48. 2nd after milan with 86 goals. Sergej and Luis Alberto got 30 ish goal contribution each
Well, i am facing sometimes this problem as well, if you could even test 2 more times you will face more stable results. Now i am working about CWB and double volante and later on gonna try double pivot and CWB