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4-2-2-2 DM AM Narrow - Dinerbismo

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Inspired by De Zerbi and Diniz (I'm aware they're very different managers). This is seen in the heavy emphasis on deep buildup and the 2 - 4 build up structure that forms and the tight varied passing combinations that form spontaneously higher up the pitch. I've found it important to have the right profiles for each role in order to make the team work fluidly. All players other than CBs and GKs have been trained to have the trait 'Plays One-Twos'.

AF - Fast capable runner in behind, this player will be scoring the majority of your goals so a reliable goal scorer here is essential.

DLF - A player who can dribble and pass at a high level. This player will drop deep and connect frequently with two AMs and DLPs - player instructions: roam from position

AMs - Players who are genuine goal threats are important here. High off the ball, decisions and composure matter for this particular roles. Traits such as arrives late in box/gets into box are helpful. These players will also frequently drop to help with buildup and will record very high progressive pass numbers for attacking midfielders. I prefer them to be 'wrong sided' in that left footers are on the right and vice versa.

DLPs - Probably the hardest position to find the right players for as they need to be at a very high physical, technical and mental level. I always sub both on 60mins as they tire out fast. Traits such as dictates tempo are important as then they accelerate the game occasionally of their own accord. Very important that they are competent defenders as these two and the ball far wing back act as the rest defence in possession.

WBs - Normal requirements of what you'd want from a wing back. Passing is important and obviously physicals very valuable. Dribbling maybe less important than usual. Both of mine are two footed, which is a large advantage but likely non-essential. Player instructions - Stay wider

CBs - Must be excellent physically and technically. They'll spend a long time on the ball and will be the highest volume passers. They need to be fast to make up for the height of the defensive line.

SK - Will also spend a lot of time on possession so should be considered.

Definitely a more attacking formation than a defensive one but the defensive record isn't too terrible. I managed to go unbeaten one season and win the league in a different one. I've managed to record 94+ points 3 seasons in a row (winning the league in 2) and finished on top for xPoints for 4 consecutive years. Can punch above it's weight but important to drop the lines slightly against teams of a comparable or larger size.
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