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4-2-2-2 inspired by Julian Nagelsmann with over 63% Possession with Ball

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Hi, i created a 4-2-2-2 Tactic with a Tiki Taka playing Style with a lot of Possession to dominate your Opponents!

I simulated only the half Season (not much Time atm.), played with Bayern Munich! Below you can see all needed Screens who are important.

I hope you can enjoy this tactic as i did, test it and feel free to comment! ;)

Here you can see the Tactic Style in ones!

1 Taktischer Stil.jpg

The Line-Up and Team i played (Simulated because of Tactic Test)

2 Formation.jpg

Both Strikers and Wingers will change Positions between Match, to create more Chances and to confuse your Opponent!

3 Formation changing Player between Matches.jpg

In Possession with Ball

4 In Ballbesitz.jpg

In Transition

5 Umschaltspiel.jpg

Opponent in possession

6 Gegner in Ballbesitz.jpg

Team overview after the first half of the season

7 Mannschaft Hinrunde.jpg

Competitions overview

8 Wettbewerbe.jpg8 Wettbewerbe.jpg
8 Wettbewerbe.jpg

Results after first Half of the Season

9 Hinrunde Bundesliga Ergebnisse.jpg

Bundesliga overview

10 Hinrunde Tabelle Bundesliga.jpg

CL overview

11 Champions League Gruppenphase.jpg

Team overview (Statistics)

12 Übersicht Teamstatistik.jpg

Data analysis General performance

13 Datenanalyse Allgemeine Leistung.jpg

Data Analysis Defensive work

14 Datenanalyse Defensivarbeit.jpg

Data analysis Efficiency on the attack

15 Datenanalyse Effizienz im Angriff.jpg

Data analysis offensive work

16 Datenanalyse Offensivarbeit.jpg

Data Analysis Passing Game

17 Datenanalyse Passspiel.jpg

Data Analysis Shot Effectiveness

18 Datenanalyse Schusseffektivität.jpg
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