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4-2-3-1 IWB Diamond - Liverpool Holiday 23/24 UEL QUAD

IWB moves into centre to complete the central diamond for a typical midfield overload of four. Playing out of defence to play into the centre while in possession. Strong direct passing through that centre to either place onto the wingers, AM or striker. They'll run out and spread the defence allowing for a couple of nice runs and hoping to score a few extra goals.

Set pieces are taken from Badel as they have some very strong set piece formations. I'm not the hugest fan of a sweeper keeper here but it can be used and taken.

You're going to want a creative left IWB with good positioning and off the ball to make sure they know when to drop back into position so you don't get caught out with a back three out of possession.

Typical high press and high defensive line to prevent inviting pressure and if you have tall centrebacks feel free to filter it into the wings and invite crosses so you can just knock the balls out and back towards midfield for a strong counter.

Quick passing, quick counter and a midfield overload.


Testing done with holiday and the 23/24 Liverpool Team.

Sadly there's no UCL win but got a UECL Trophy

Carabao Cup Trophy

FA Cup Trophy

Premier League Trophy

Got the quad but not the UCL quad sadly.


Goal's wise Nunez got the UECL Golden Boot with 17 goals out of 13 matches.

He got the runners up golden boot with 31 goals in the premier league and came 2nd in average ratings with a rating of 7.39. All behind Haaland who scored 44 goals in 32 appearances.

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Only used it for a few games, it looks solid so far. Hoping it'll get me that sweet promotion. :)