4-2-3-1 OP Total Tiki-Taka by ValenS3

4-2-3-1 OP Total Tiki-Taka by ValenS3 1.0

4-2-3-1 formation with a fluid nature:

- Overlapping wing backs + Inside wingers
- Attacking midfielder with high goal contributions
- Balanced midfield pairing: box to box midfielder + defensive deep line playmaker to avoid counter-attacks and distribute from the back (with help of ball playing defenders)



· GK: Defensive sweeper keeper
. Needs good shot-stopping and a decent ball distribution.

· LB & RB: Inverted support wing backs. Preferrably good with both feet or, at least, with their inverted foot as the stronger one. Need pace, work rate, defending and passing.

· CBs: Ball playing defenders. Marking + Heading + Tacking are key. Passing and vision important too.

· RCM: Defensive deep line playmaker. Will move in the pitch like a DM. Good passing and vision is key, as well as strong defensive ability.

· LCM: Box to box midfielder. Workhorse. An all-rounder is best suited for this role.

* If you have a left-footed DLP and a right footed BBM, feel free to swap them. Make sure to KEEP THEIR INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTIONS though.

· LW & RW: Inverted wingers on support. Left-footter on the right and vice-versa. They'll constantly cut inside. Key attributes are pace, crossing and finishing.

· AM: Attacking midfielder. The most creative player in this formation. The star of the show. Flair, passing, shooting and physical attributes are all key.

· ST: Advanced forward. A goal machine. Will get in behind constantly, always in the edge of offside. Needs pace, off the ball and, of course, finishing and composure. Low crosses are used, so no need to be a tall guy.

Try it out, tweak it as you like and let me know if you find any ways to improve it! I got outstanding results with AC Oulu!
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