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4-2-3-1 tactic 2020-01-13

hello guys..this tactic made for Paok from Greece Super League but after few matches i decide to gave it a try to vanarama league with Chester. results were pretty promoted on 1rst season and is in 1rst place at the beginning of 2 nd season..i add attacking corner's routines from goalmachine tactic wich works rly changes during the match are focus on mentality and passing game..when i can't keep possesion i drop passes to shorter and away to play with passes into space and use mentality balanced.when i am the stronger team of the match and the enemy defence is not so fast as my wingers and amc/fc then i change to longer passes with pass into space and positive mentality..last tip used also at lower leagues like vanarama because of slow defenders...You will see at the photos that even with not good form from most of my players the team is able to do enought chances to score even versus stronger opponents like Juventus

Tactic : not special Player instructions

tactic pic.png

paok's schedule.png

Versus 1 of my main opponents for Super League

Vs Aek.png

The game that made me to share this tactic 14 shots with 54% possession Vs Juve

vs Juventus.png

New save with Chester at Vanarama North league.
Vanarama North 1rst season.png
Chester 2nd season.png
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