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4-2-3-1 Wide - Counter-LO

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4-2-3-1 Counter-LO.png

This is a take on the preset Fluid Counter-Attack tactic that I hammered into shape after several seasons in my current save. It got the team promoted out of the second league, and the team performed well-above expectations in the top league. In my experience, the tactic performs especially-well against teams that prefer to play defensively.

The IW//W can be flip-flopped based on footedness. Good Passing is paramount with this tactic. You should be expecting hundreds per game, mostly short and lateral; across my last half dozen games, the team has averaged between 600-800 per. It's important that your midfielders be solid in general; bonus points if they're good at Long Shots - my BWM has scored a bunch of points from outside the box. The team's primary Striker scored the most goals - 28 scored, 6 assists, and 8 Player of the Match awards across 33 played. I find that the Striker and Attacking Midfielders tend to tire themselves out first, so keep that in mind when selecting subs.

Training has a focus on team-cohesion, match prep, and physical training. Given the high volume of passing, I've been going out of my way to foster a positive club atmosphere and make sure I always have Team Bonding included in the training each week. In the match, I avoid any instructions that would pull a player out of position or increase the risk of getting carded.

The set pieces are from an old save, and I can't take any credit for them. They're a mix of set pieces from Zealand and a ZaZ tactic I was running at the time. They could absolutely use some tuning to fit your team.
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