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4-2-4 DM WIDE GEGENPRESS- High intensity, VERY high scoring

4-2-4 DM WIDE GEGENPRESS- High intensity, VERY high scoring 1.0

This tactic has been massively successful for me to say the least. With my first season with Forest in the league Lyle Taylor scored approx. 50 goals. We finished top with over 100 points and over 80 goal difference. The success of the tactic has continued to the PL where I have continued to have plenty of goals. I have finished top 6 twice in both of my first seasons in the league and in my 3rd season and a stronger squad I'm top of the table. I feel the ball playing defenders and the deep lying play maker are heart of the team so prioritise getting players that suit these roles. For example Harry Winks has been brilliant for me as a DM deep lying playmaker. Feel free to message me on twitter, @capstreaming and follow me on twitch twitch.tv/jakebutterfield
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