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This tactic is my twist on the current best tactic in the game. I changed the IWB to IW as IW's are considerably easier to find and I find that they are more useful. As you can see in the image below my tactic familiarity isn't full yet I've found it successful. Although I tried this tactic with Hoffenheim a subtop team we averaged around 3 goals per game since I implemented this tactic. My two top scoring players were, understandably, my two advanced forwards who managed to exponentially increase there goals scored per game. Hopefully this tactic can be of some use to some of you and I'm interested to see how this tactic turns out. After 12 games in the Bundesliga I have a goal difference of 21 and 29 points.

Have a good day :)1641454922186.png1641455424583.png
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