4 2 4 - SAFETY

Heffem 4 2 4 - SAFETY 21.4.0

I wanted to make this tactic because i really like offensive and aggressive type of play style, the first one i made was in FM 19, it was good but not the best, and every year since FM 19 i'm trying to do better, and i think this year, I've made the best 4-2-4 i could ! So here it is !

The Corners and Free-Kicks are made to be shot by the BBM (MCL) For underdog i would suggest to use a player like Mehdi Abeid.

The Throws-ins, are supposed to be shot by the DR if its from the right, and by the DL if it's from the left, they need to be good at long throw, i would suggest a profile like Sebastien Corchia for underdog testing.

Corners are made for a tall striker(STCR), a player like Kalifa Coulibaly for underdog testing fits really well

Player on the left should be Left footed and Player on the right should be right-footed. (for every position except midfielders)

For the centrals defender, i would prefer a fast and tall player instead of good technical and slower.

I like to use 2 type of AF together, one wich is taller and better at heading (mostly for corners and throws-ins)
And one Faster, Smaller, And better technical attributes wich is supposed to be left footed.

Really fast wingers are good for this, and mostly good at crossing. (I like Marcel Ruiz for this)

This tactic should be able to score a LOT of goals and midfielders should make a lot of assists.

(Sorry if my English is not the best, i hope it was understandable)
(Most of my screens are in French, i hope you guys will understand, ty)
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excellent tactic.beautiful play. very fluid.easy to build,thanks buddy