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4-2-4 Stikerless 2021-03-07

5 defensive , 5 attacking strikerless formation which aims to create lots of chance and concede few clear cut opportunities.

Started using this after having success with other striker less tactics but found my team did not create enough.

This tactic allows 2 banks of 5 one defending to intercept and win possession back and the other 5 to attack as a unit from deep positions to break teams down.

The only problems I have is that going behind first can be hard to come back as your instructions are limited to how the team plays I find sticking to the tactic and shouting from the sideline does the trick.


Sweeper keeper

Inverted WB important to keep the play in the middle and support the DLP and control possession

BP CB important to play out from the back.

DLP defend works hard to intercept the ball and create with long balls to the flanks or over the top to run onto

AP Support key to break down defence and pick out the right pass for the forwards

Raumdeuter vital to how the team plays controls the build up and chips in with goals one of the most important roles.

Shadow Striker great for running onto through balls from the wings or the AP having no striker gives this position tonnes of space to run into.
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