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4-2-4 Wide Counter Strike 2020-12-15

Simple 4-2-4 Wide. My two strikers scored a combined 66 goals at the top, with some help coming from the wings and midfielders.

Play through the middle and out of defense to both center backs and fullbacks. If you have a good target man, you can swap out the DLF for that. A decent amount of games I played with both strikers setup as Advanced Forwards and it worked out well too. From all I can tell, the setup is pretty forgiving in how you play your strikers.

One of the important things is that you have solid CB's. They need to be able to jump and clear balls fairly regularly due to the tactic forcing play outside to the wings. If you don't have decent center backs, you're going to have trouble with this and may want to modify where you direct the opposite team play.

Below is a screencap from a match I just played against Bolton. Keep in mind this is only year 2 in this save. I'm playing with OxCity and we've just been newly promoted into the Vanarama National while Bolton is still in League Two.
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