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4-3-1-2 Gegenpress Down the Middle

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This is a pretty offensive tactic. You can expect dominance even against the strongest teams - however i would not say that the results are great when the team is mediocre (had better results in my first season with other tactics). The fixture screenshot consists of results from the 2nd season (along with a screenshot from the best performing season in terms of points)

This tactic consists of:
- SK Support - Nothing that relevant here
- Two BPD on Defend: Nothing that important here
- Two IWB on Support: Both have the following instructions: - Get Further Forward - Cut Inside With Ball - Sit Narrower (they will need to help the DPL with the passing and defence) - Cross Less Often - Roam From Position. I would recommend highly technical players for this role (Theo Hernandez - Trent etc. - since buying Theo Herandez in the second season the results just improved vastly)
- CM DPL on Defence: Just the default instructions here - Shoot Less Often - Drible Less -Hold Position. This role will be your quarterback - highly technical with vision and passing plus some defence would help
- Two CM on Attack: These guys will provide the danger from the middle. They are offensive as possible - Roam From Position - Move into Channels - Mark Tighter - Get Further Forward. Expect these guys to score 10+ goals every season but also expect them to be the first players to get tired into a match. These are are basically some highly offensive BBM - they will need both physical and technical abilities
- Shadow Striker: This guy will cut through defence. A classical Shadow Striker with the following instructions: - Roam From Position - Move into Channels - Mark Tighter - Get Further Forward - Dribble More -Take More Risks
- 2 AF: Besides being the main goal scorers these players will also need some link up skills when building offence. An important part is that they will drift wide allowing the CMs and SS to go up the field. Instructions: - Roam From Position - Move into Channels - Mark Tighter -Run Wide with Balls and -Stay Wider

The results were obtained by mainly Going on Holiday (but i did allow myself to play some important games or rest players before important games).
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