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4-3-1-2 Goalmachine | Extreme press

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This is the best formation I have ever done on FM
I have never lost a game with this tactic
As you can see I never lost with Valencia and Arsenal with this tactic, You can see that I lost some matches with Valencia but it was before I started using this tactic. If I had used this tactic at the beginning of the season, I would have easily finished 1st in the la liga with Valencia

I love this tactic because I love to score many goals and it's so broken.

If you want this tactic to work really good you need players with pace, off the ball and stamina, but it works well anyway

It's good when your the underdog and the dominant team. Oftent when I been the underdog the dominant team scores early but we always managed to turn around the game in the 70 min. 1-0 down against Real in the 70 min and we turned around and won 4-1 same with atletico madrid, barcelona and Manchester city we turned the match around late

Remember to train the tactic before and train the player to the right positons, If you lose your 1 or 2 game don't panic the team most adjust to the tactic. If the tactic don't work after 5-6 games make a comment and I will see if I can help you.

Please give feedback on the tactic it would be very appreciated
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