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4-3-3 Boreham Wood double 1st season (Predicted 8th), FC København undefeated (Won Europa League)

Based on my tactic I used in FM22. Tweaked for FM23 and it's just as good, if not better.

4-3-3 that is defensively solid (Even in the National League).

Won the League (Predicted 8th) and FA Trophy in the first season with Boreham Wood. Also reached the Third round of the FA Cup (Earned a replay with a 2-2 home draw against a strong Leicester team).

Tactic was also tested with FC København (1st season). Won the League (not hard) with an undefeated season, won the Europa League beating Lazio 4-0 in the final (Missed out on Champions League Knockouts by 2 points) and won the Danish Cup.
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