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4-3-3 Crossing Pressure 21.1.3

I am playing Oxford City the year is 2026 and I have made it to the Premiership and i have used this formation every season as i enjoy how it works. It was a custom created tactic but the media says it is a Vertical Tika Taka formation and it overloads a lot of players into the box with the DLP acting as a pivot to switch sides.

The team requires good dribblers and finishers for inside forwards and great crossing wing backs as they get the ball quite often. The Mezzala, inside forward and wing back often work together short passing and depending who has it and the position they get to will often depend what happens if they have no option it goes back outside to the wing back to cross it in or to the DLP who moves it to the other side or shoots.

Every match i am the underdog so it looks like this years football manager the underdog gets a huge boost for some reason so currently im not sure what this tactics plays like with a great or amazing team. In the championship i was winning with league 1 players.
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