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4-3-3 (DM) Creating Spaces 2019-11-28

Hello guys, I'd like to present you a tactic I had a real success with. I know it's Manchester City but anyways..

First of all this is my first thread so please be gentle :)

I wanted to create a tactic where I'll dominate possession most of the time, but also one that will allow me to create and exploit spaces. I do believe that football ( and fm is no different ) is all about free spaces that you can exploit and here's my vision of how football should be played.

The idea is to build from the back and drag players into my own half and more specifically to the middle of the pitch and when that happens my wider players have the time and the opportunity to run into the channels or play one-on-one.

I decided to go with wide players on support duty, because when my high press fails I need someone to track back and help the full backs. Also I decided to go for Anchor man instead of DLP as I needed someone to protect the center backs in case a counter attack breaks out. It worked amazing for me but I'm huge fan of the position and the role, so if you decide to use the tactic you don't really have to use the Anchor man. Just keep in mind that he'll make much more interceptions and win more tackles due to the nature of the role compared to the DLP.

As a final note I'm not really sure if it will work with mid table type of teams so if you give it a shot please share your results.

I have no OI and the only thing I've played with in terms of set-piece is the corners so a lot of room for improvement.

Hope you enjoy it!

PS - No transfers.

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