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4-3-3 DM - West Ham 21.4

This is the most successfully tactic that I have made this year taking the Irons to consistent top 4 and winning a few trophies on the way.

Quick wingers with physical defensive midfielders/ Center backs are essential to make the most of this tactic. I want the team to build out from the three central positions and the quick overlapping runs from the wingers and wing backs to create chances. This is not a tactic for keeping clean sheets, this is more of 'I'm going to score more than you' tactic, as I find this more enjoyable when I play FM.

At the beginning of the save I did start with the DM as a Half Back what seemed to help with the clean sheets however, I did not score many goals and was too defensive. The wingers I'm still not sure on what is best, I have been changing from inverted wingers to inside forward throughout the save and not noticed much of a difference. So I went with what the wingers preferred role.

Big Games Tactic Changes:
Change the complete wing backs to a full backs gives you a bit more cover.

Small Game Tactic Changes:
Move the mentality of the team to attacking.

Assistant manager leads the training and the Opposition Instructions.
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