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4-3-3 Dutch Total Football Alternate Universe 2019-11-29

I have always tried to make a version of the famous and ground-breaking total football tactic of the Dutch team from 1974.

This is made harder by the fact that I also like to start my career with lower league teams where the quality of player available is unlikely to ever appear in a World Cup final.

So I’ve had to change the philosophy slightly to suit lesser talented players but also produce attacking and possession based football. My tactic is set at structured which in reality is the polar opposite of total football but this produces better results and also exciting football - hence the Alternate Universe title.

Still keeping the relentless pressing and attacking wingbacks. For the lower leagues I’ve had to change both central defenders from BPD and keep them more as pure defenders that won’t get involved too much with attacking situations. No Arie Haan rocking up at the Energy Check Stadium at Firhill any time soon.

I’ve tried to replicate the three central midfielders that were so crucial to the Dutch team controlling games.

DLP = Willem van Hanegem
CM = Wim Jansen
BBM = Johan Neeskens

I think I’ve came pretty close but I’m sure the tactic needs a few more tweaks and I’m still not overly convinced by my 3 forward player roles. Have changed these roles from time to time to suit players I have in my squad. Acceleration and pace for the front three is the ideal but have had good results with less mobile strikers also.

Set Pieces - Not overly convinced by these but are OK. Need to take time out at some point and work on these but happy to go with what I have just now.

Training is run by my *** Man.
Don’t use OI’s – This is about US not them

I would love to get peoples feedback on this tactic as feel it can definitely be improved but results have still been amazing for me thus far.

Tested so far with Partick Thistle and Queen’s Park

Partick 1st Season = Champions of the Championship and 3 Cup Finals.
Queens Park 1st Season = Champions
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