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4-3-3 - Gegenpress MigPost

4-3-3 - Gegenpress MigPost 1.0

I'm not very good making tactical descriptions.
The things i can say about the type of player and for me, personally, the key positions are:

The Wing Backs need to be strong in the attacking phase, they are the ones that give you width and they will help your team make deadly triangles on both flanks. They create lots of chances, either by crossing to your striker or by wining space for your MEZ or your IF(Left) or your AP(Right) to shoot from outside the box without any position.

The Complete Forward, well needs to be Strong to keep the defenders occupied and to still make goals from crosses. A clinical finisher like the one i have (Haaland) fits in perfectly, but someone not so strong will create more chances and score less goals.

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