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4-3-3 Inverted Pyramid

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I, like many others, grew up watching the loved Guardiola's Barcelona and from then on, I was hooked, not just to the club but to the style Guardiola implemented. Started following his career and now that I consider myself a veteran in Football Manager (I'm 18yo and I've only played 4 years of FM :) ), I decided to venture myself into the world of tactic creation. I took direct inspiration from Guardiola's Bayern Munich with Alaba and Lahm as inverted fullbacks and 2022 Man City with their 2.0 inverted pyramid. Always loved the Neuer/Ederson role but I always prefered Neuer as a goalkeeper, therefore I chose a SK on Attack. A pair of Ball-Playing Defenders, a pair of inverted fullbacks and a pair of wingers. I tried using inverted wingers with "stay wide" instructions but I found more success and a better playing style in a winger that has a "cut inside from" instruction. IMPORTANT NOTE: The wingers you choose for this system must be two-footed or your players will have discomfort with this role and can reject and sabotage the tactic. For the DM role I struggled alot but it will depend on the player you have. Love the Deep Lying Playmaker role on Defend and/or Support, although i used DM on defend and on support and found success with it in smaller clubs in lower leagues. The other midfielders have to be very capable on the decision-making side of the game and you can alternate the roles between the players, choosing either the Mezzalla-A or the CM-A. Again, just like the DM, the striker will be up to the player you have but i prefer to play with a Advanced Forward. On the defensive side i tried to emulate a 4-2-3-1 and sometimes a 4-4-2 but i never liked to defend as a whole block so your players will be stepping out of the defensive formation to play a Klopp-like defensive system (Gegenpressinf if you will). For lower leagues I suggest keeping the tempo as it is and making it a mid block and reducing the trigger-press making it a more compact defense and harder to get through. SIDE NOTE: I'm Portuguese so if any term is wrong I apologize for the inconvenience. With this tactic I got to the semi-finals of the Champions league but got trashed by Real Madrid and enjoyed an average of just 25 suffered goals per season in the league and an average of 99,6 goals per league season.
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