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4 - 3 - 3 Possession Tiki Taka 21.4.0

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Yes it is just another Possession Tiki Taka but watered down for team with less flair and technical attributes. I like how possesion and attack works on this ME, and while IRL I am mostly a fan of teams that can be flexible and play possesion or counter in the same match, I just wanted to enjoy this ME. So This is the tactic I use to start games and then might change to a more attacking or counter one.
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The idea of the tactic is to control the game and wait for openings while also getting the ball back quick. You need a good forward than can drop down and get into the box in time, no need for him to be good at passing but needs to be good a moving. Non of the 2 wingers need to be fast but one has to be more technical. For CM you need a good passer in the same side as the IF, for this tactic I found the best combination with IF is Adv playmaker, I dont dont like how mezzala and IF work. Ideally you want an adv playmaker on support with traits for him to go forward. The rest is pretty average.
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