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4-3-3 Strikerless 21.3

Yes, another strikerless tactic, although im not a big fan of this kind of tactic (i like to have a goal scoring Striker), i decided to go through inspired by the work of a player called Mister Voodoo.
There arent many individual player instruction involved, just added mark tight and hard to the 6 midfielders.
I tested it 2 season with SLB and SLB B at same time, and at season 2 i left SLB B for Crystal Palace.
For SLB i didnt like the results i got, although i won the title 2 times but conceded over 25 goals each season.
For SLB B and Crystal Palace i think it did the trick, i managed to win Portuguese League 2 and the Skybet Championship.
As you can check in the analyst report the team produces over the league average, and the conceded goals its close to the average, the XG against its the worst stat.
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