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A 4-3-3 with 2 Central Defenders on defensive duty, 2 Inverted-Wing-Backs on attacking duty, a roaming playmaker, a box-to-box- midfielder on support, a central midfielder on attack, 2 inverted Wingers on Attack and an Advanced Forward on attack.

The Central Defenders are solid and keep away any danger from the goal, but also help in the build-up of the offense. The Inverted-Wing-Backs operate as defensive midfielder on defense, if the roaming playmaker is caught out of position. The box-to-box playmaker help with the offense, as well as with the defense. The Central Midfielder on attack is looking to get into the oppositions area with runs through the middle and also tries to beat the offside trap. The inverted winger cut inside and occupy the halfspaces and act as great options for passes but can also score. The advanced forward looks to stay up high and go for deadly runs into the box to score goals, but can also play dangerous cutback passes to one of the midfielders or wingers to assist them.

The tactic is very quick and looks to catch the opposition off-guard. Always looking to score in the counter to get easy oppurtunities to score. If the team arent countering they are looking to build up the play out of the defense in a tiki-taka system. When the opposition has the ball, the team looks to press high and win the ball as quick as possible. If however this doesnt succeed the CD are reliable and take no risks.

I am currently 3rd in my save with Parma after being predicted to finish 10th, with over 2 Points per game. In 19 games we scored 42 goals and conceded 21 goals.
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