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4-4-2 ECVAFC 0.01


This is my first tactic. It is a simple 4-4-2 with minimal instructions for players and for team. Based on the "wing play" default, it utilises a series of more generalised player roles, with positioning dependant on the player duties. It was inspired by FM's recent "How to make a tactic without loads of PI/TI's" article, based on playing with a balanced mentality.

Up top is a DLF(S)/P(A) combination, with the DLF on the right hand side. This is important, because balancing the position of our (D)(S)(A) duties for each role maximises players who are responsible for each area and gives structure and support.

In the middle, we have DW(S)/CM(A)/BWM(S)/W(A)
The roles have been selected so we have players sitting in the holes. The CM(A) plays as the forward going midfielder on the left hand side, with DW(S) covering. Meanwhile the BWM(S) provides aggressive cover for the W(A) to play in the gaps that the DLF(S) creates.

At the back, a nice simple back four.
This should work nicely with the midfield. Two supporting players on the ensure that the midfield supports the strikers without leaving a hole, nor being isolated. The FB(D) supports the W(A) by letting that winger focus on going forward, without exposing the back. CD(D) holds, so the BWM can play the aggressive ball winner role freely, without worrying about having to track a man.

GK(D) is nice and simple.

It requires very general roles and fits a number of the players you're likely to sign if using a lower league database such as the FMEditors one.
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