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4-4-2-Modern Target man by Vujevic 2021-01-08

I done proper test with Herenven won title and cup instantly Target man scored 48 goals!

You need to have good target man for this tactic to work I suggest that also he have pace and acceleration 12!

Your back 4 need to have pace atleast 13-14.

No OI!

Left full back needs to have good crossing ability atleasty 13-14.

Right winger need to have good speed and if possible decent crossing and must be right footed!

Left winger needs to be technically good player with good passing and vision doesn't need to be left footed.

Tactic is also tested with Valencia,Werder,Reading and few others...

I played entire Herenven save on my you tube channel if you want to see match performance!

here short video how we trashed 8-2 PSV -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpYywbjhYKs&feature=youtu.be.
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