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Here is my first tactic for FM20 it is a 4-4-2

I have played a lot of games games with it and it seems to work kind of well my best result is a nice big win against arsenal where we won 5.1. If you are not sure about the team you are up against put it on balanced if you know you can beat a team put it on positive

I have now done a whole season with Manchester united i won every thing with them

Premier League Almost unbeaten season ✅
EFL Cup ✅
The Emirates FA Cup ✅
The UEFA Cup ✅

I am going to try the tactic out in other leagues and post the results on here

GK - Sweeper Keeper Attack
Defender - Ball Playing Defender at Defend
Defender - Ball Playing Defender at Defend
LB - WB Attack
RB - WB Attack
RM - Inverted Winger Attack
LM - Inverted Winger Attack
CM - Mezzala
CM - Mezzala
ST - Deep Lying Forward Support
ST - Deep Lying Forward Support
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